Georgia State Capitol Reception


January 27, 2014, Atlanta, GA. The Turkic American Federation of Southeast (TAFS) in collaboration with “Istanbul” Cultural Center hosted its 6th Annual Turkish-American Friendship Dinner to celebrate “Turkish Day” at the Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, GA.

The dinner was attended by prominent leaders, businesspersons, social activists, including state officials at Georgia State Capitol. Among the distinguished guests were Sen. Donzella James (D), Sen. Nan Orrock (D), and Sen. Valencia Seay (D); Rep. Tom Taylor (R), Rep. Mike Cheokas (R), and Richard Woods, Georgia State School Superintendent. Senator James expressed her gratitude towards Turkish culture telling how she was amazed by the hospitality of the local people when she traveled to Turkey on several occasions. Senator Orrock also thanked Turkish people for the tremendous effort in actively engaging with local communities in Georgia and their determination to be a part of the Great State of Georgia. Senator Seay, who is an admirer of Turkish traditions, said that she is looking forward to visiting Turkey again in the near future. Rep. Cheokas particularly expressed his appreciation on the great work and contributions of the “Istanbul” Cultural Centers and the Turkish American community as a whole.

As a part of cultural performance, Necmi Aydin and Nilufer Haciosmanoglu showcased Ebru Paintings and Calligraphy writings respectively. TAFS Director Vedat Akgun concluded the program and thanked the guests and state legislators and speakers. On his behalf he promised that the Turkish American community is going to work even harder to make sure the community they are all living in is going to keep prospering.



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