Annual Nowruz Celebrations in Houston, Texas


22, March, 2015, Houston, TX – Raindrop Foundation and it’s umbrella organization, Turquoise Council of Eurasians and Americans (TCAE) coorganized a two-day festival to celebrate Nowruz in Houston on March 21 and 22, 2015. The festival took place on grounds stretching for 36 acres and included many activities for children and adults alike.

Aside from experiencing live performances by artists from across the world, spanning from Central Asia all the way to the Balkans, guests also enjoyed the cuisine of these countries. Roasted lamb and cevabi kebab from Bosnia, Turkmen rice as well as Uzbek rice, lamb kebab from Azerbaijan, Kazakh kebab and Ahiskan samsa were all available for guests to taste.

Hundreds of people, both those who celebrate Nowruz every year and those who wished to make themselves familiar with the holiday and attempt to understand the cultures of their neighbors came to the festival throughout the two days.


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