ATFA organizes reception for International Communities in Kentucky


February 24, 2016, Frankfort, Kentucky. The American Turkish Friendship Association (ATFA) brought together the international communities at one of the most distinctive historic mansions in Kentucky the Berry Hill Mansion in Frankfort to cherish the friendship and harmony of diverse population of the great state of Kentucky.
This event was co-organized along with the Peace Catalyst International and the Pakistani American Alliance for Compassion and Education. Both organizations have been very active in bringing peace and promoting interfaith dialogue among local Kentucky community.
The huge crowd from many different ethnic backgrounds along with fellow state officials gladly enjoyed the night. Guests enjoyed rich and diverse presentation of national cuisine.

People from Bosnia, Syria, India, Pakistan, Somalia, Burundi, Congo, Afghanistan, Turkey, China, and Iran, who also once arrived as refugees are now giving back to the community by attending such events, building bridges among communities, and promoting peace among different religious practices.


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