Turkic Day at New York State Capitol


June 16, 2015, Albany, NY  – Hundreds joined the 10th Annual Turkic day at the New York Capitol including State Senators and Representatives. The senators and representatives talked about how much they appreciated Turkish-American activities and how they are an example community. They also mentioned how disturbed they were of the anti democratic developments in Turkey. Officials said that the convicted in Silivri are held not for committing a crime but for political reasons. Some of the guest also stated that the june election results were very important in reviving democracy in Turkey.

The hosts of the event, representatives Kevin Cahill and Steven H. Cymbrowitz started off the

program by welcoming the guests. Representative Cahill talked about a letter the US government was writing to Turkey. He spoke of his appreciation for the hospitality and sincerity of Turks at the Turkish Cultural Center in the US and in Turkey.

Representative Philip Ramos stated that he had visited Turkey and that he closely follows the Turkish Americans’ activities. He spoke of the Turkish community’s help during hurricane sandy and their help for those in need in other parts of the world. Representative Maritza Davila said that the Turks are the most diligent among the ethnic communities in New York.

Representative Joseph Saladino talked about his visit to Turkey and the culture and history there. He stated the importance of having a good relationship with Turkey. He also talked about the Turkish schools around the world and how they teach students to love others. Representative Andrew R. Garbarino said that he was impressed how the Gulen Movement showed unity and solidarity despite the pressure of the government.


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