The 8th Annual Florida International Language and Culture Festival


May 16, Jacksonville, FL– The Istanbul Cultural Center hosted the International Language and Culture Festival in Jacksonville, FL. The event was held in Jackson Symphony Hall with an audience of around 1000 people from various states.

The festival was hosted by WJAX TV’s well known speaker Dawn Lopez and presented by middle and high school students. Performances included songs in Turkish, English, Spanish, and Hindi and traditional folk dances of Turkey, India, Bosnia, Mexico, Columbia, and Albania. After their delightful performances that represented seven countries in total, students received their awards from the Istanbul Cultural Center representatives.

The festival ended with the song Dunyanin Renkleri ( Colors of the World), sang together with students and the audience in great joy. At the end of the event, people from the audience and officials from the represented countries expressed their gratitude for the Istanbul Cultural Festival and its contribution to world peace, and stated their desire to see more of these valuable organizations that involve cross-cultural understanding, in the future.

The International Language and Culture Festival, previously known as the Turkish Language Olympiad was initiated to promote a better understanding of the world languages and cultures and witness exceptional performances by students of diverse nationalities.


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