Historical Silk Road reached Houston TX


Friday, the second day of the Silk Road Festival in Houston has attracted many local people as well as from abroad. There were sections dedicated for respectively Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. That was very easy to pass to another country in order to watch performances.

At the Turkmenistan section, there was a Dutar performance by Batyr Odeyev with his musician Agamyrat Charyyev.  Ambassador Meret Orazov of Turkmenistan visited also the section and listened Turkmen songs by greeting Turkmens at the festival.

At the Turkey section, FOMGET world champion folk dance group had a performance as well as a concert was given by local pop singer, Ferhat Atli. It is not easy to describe delicious Turkish cuisine unless come by yourself and taste.

Uzbekistan part of the festival was a lot of fun. There was an order for the delicious and famous Uzbek palaw (Uzbek rice). “Parizod” Uzbekistan Folk Dance Group performed an Uzbek dance that drew the attentions of the people. Uzbek singers Gulzoda Hudoynazarova and Hulkar Abdullaeva performed songs also at the festival. There was a concert by Uzbekistan local music group as well as Nazarov Anvar and Rahmatillayev Fahriddin’s art shows.

Saltanat Kazakh state folk dance group and Kazakhstan babalar sazy ethnic folklore group performed dances at the Kazakhstan section as well as Kazak singer, Akyerke Tazhibayeva’s performance.  Delicious Kazakh foods such as manty and besparmak were also served to the people.  Azerbaijan Mugam group and Azerbaijan state folk dance group had performances at the Azerbaijan section. Kyrgyzstan state folk dance group had also performed a Kyrgyz dance.

The second day of the festival ended with Omer Faruk Tekbilek’s concert with his Ensamble.

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