Louisville community honors victims of Istanbul attacks


July 1, 2016, Louisville, KY. — The American Turkish Friendship Association (ATFA) in Kentucky and Muslim Americans for Compassion (MAC) organized an event to show their condolences to the terror attacks that occurred in Turkey on June 29th.

More than 200 guests were in attendance, including guests from the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faiths and community leaders gathered at the Center in prayer, some even in tears. Among the distinguished guests that attended was Greg Fisher, Mayor of Louisville Metro; Steve Conrad, Chief of Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD); Representative Steve Riggs (KY), Martin Brooks, Director of Partnerships at Peace Catalyst International, Dr. Babar Shafiq, Professor at John Hopkins University.

Mayor Fischer shared and discussed the visible mosaic of different ethnic backgrounds and religious traditions represented in Louisville.

“We don’t want fighting here, we want peace, peace around the world. Our friends are calling, texting and coming to express their condolences regarding the attacks in Istanbul.To give just one example, I felt so humbled and proud yesterday to be in the United States, and proud to be part of this great nation and this community. Mike, Ellen and their children visited our center to express their feelings and to share our pain. We hugged each other like family. This is the picture we need to have.” said Mehmet Demirel, a representative from ATFA.


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