Louisiana State Legislature Friendship Reception


June 1, 2015, Baton Rouge, LA – Louisiana State Legislature hosted a Turkic Louisianan Friendship Reception, in which State Senators and Representatives took part. The guests were treated with the Turkish dish maklube (rice).

In about every state in the United States, “Turkish Day” festivities are celebrated with various programs. In Louisiana, the Turkish Day was celebrated in the capital, Baton Rouge. The program, which served the notorious maklube recipe, gathered much attention. To add on, some invitees, including senators and representatives, even asked for the recipe instructions and took photos with the meal.

The annual Turkish-American Friendship dinner was put together by the0 Atlas Foundation and took place in the Louisiana Legislative building. Among the attendees was U.S. Senator from Louisiana Bill Cassidy, State Senator Elbert Guillory, State Representative Roy Burrell, State Representative Clay Schexnayder, State Representative Steve Carter, and State Senator Francis Thompson.

All attendees displayed their love for Turkey in different ways. Senator Guillory, who had previously visited Turkey twice, stated that he was committed to further building the relationship between the Turks and Americans together. Senator Guillory delivered the message that these Turkic programs are important in that they allow for beneficial communication. In addition, Representative Schexnayder expressed his interest in Turkey by attending the past two annual Friendship dinners and conveyed that he intends to visit Turkey in the near future. Likewise, Representative Carter was passionate when describing his affection for Turkey. Carter stated that his visit to Turkey was an unforgettable trip that he recommends others to experience. Finally, Senator Thompson expressed that he was appreciative of the role the Turkish community plays in bringing people together with a peaceful attitude.


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