TACC Breakfast Meeting


March 16, 2016 Washington, D.C. – 6th Annual Turkic American Convention & Business Summit continued with the TACC Business Breakfast Meeting at the Turkic American Alliance’s headquarters. Nearly 100 International businesspersons and local community leaders were greeted by TAA President Dr. Faruk Taban. the breakfast meeting was a great opportunity for the delegations to exchange ideas and best practices.

During the breakfast, guests were given presentation about TAA and its member federations. TAA has 6 member federations and more than 250 local grassroots organizations throughout the nation. Being the largest Turkic organization, TAA is established as a broader umbrella organization for federations, councils and similar entities which bear the qualities and share the objectives of establishing closer relations with the Turkic American community and the community at large and also with the members of other ethnic communities in the United States.

Guests from 17 different countries, particularly from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Georgia, Germany, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Northern Cyprus attended the event. This is so far the highest number of participating countries at the Annual Turkic American Conventions.


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