Baku Hosts “Azerbaijan-US: Vision for Future” Convention


On May 28- 29, 2013, Baku hosted the “Azerbaijan-US: Vision for Future” convention. The distingueed attandees were State and Government Officials, Azerbaijani parliamentarians, US congressmen, the two countries` ministers, experts and journalists. The first session of the convention was titled “The State of the US – Azerbaijan Strategic Partnership: US Foreign Policy toward Azerbaijan”. The second session, called “Energy Security from the Caspian to Europe: the Changing World Energy Security Dynamics: New prospects for the Southern Energy Corridor”. The third session was titled “Azerbaijan between East and West”. The fourth session was titled “Eurasian Security and Cooperation: Azerbaijan’s Role in Regional Peace and Stability”.

The conference emphazied on the U.S.-Azerbaijan relations regarding to trade and energy relations, promoting culture and tolerance. The conference is being co-organized by Turkic American Alliance’s federation the Turquoise Council of Americans .Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev delivered an opening remarks to U.S. diplomats, Congress people and officials who attended the May 28-29 “Vision for the Future” convention. “Azerbaijan is an undoubted friend, business partner and military ally of the United States,” commented Richard Lugar, the former chairperson of the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. Overall, U.S Azeri Convention was huge success with 300 attending, including Members of Congress and State Legislatives from 42 states.

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