Guests Arrive for 6th Annual Turkic American Convention & Business Summit


March 15, Washington, D.Cc – Nearly 150 international guests from East Africa, Central Asia, Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia, arrived at the Turkic American Alliance’s headquarters in Washington, DC on the first day of the convention. This year’s Convention and Business summit is focused on increasing engagement with Turkic Americans and East Africa Communities in particular, strengthening trade and facilitating investment opportunities in various sectors.

The program will officially begin later this evening with the Welcome Reception at the Dirksen Senate Office Building. Nearly 200 people, including members of the US Senate, foreign parliaments, and businesspersons, are expected to attend.

The Turkic American Alliance (TAA) is the largest national Turkic organization in the United States, representing six regional federations and about 250 community associations, cultural and dialogue centers, business chambers and education institutions. The Turkic American Alliance also functions as a powerful advocate for dialogue among the Turkic American Community, Turkic states, and The United States.

The Turkic American Chamber of Commerce (TACC) was founded as a self-supporting and non-profit umbrella organization by nationwide international business chambers with headquarters in New York to facilitate commerce between the U.S. and Turkic countries and to establish partnerships between Turkic and American businesspersons.

A business Breakfast Meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at the TAA’s office. Then the guests will be heading to the Westin Tysons Corner for International Networking Luncheon. Business meetings with the US Government and US Congress are included in the program schedule for international groups. Pre-Gala and Gala Receptions will wrap up the night.


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