TAFS_newTURKIC AMERICAN FEDERATION OF SOUTHEAST (TAFS)  is a leading independent and an umbrella organization committed to advancing the interaction among American and Turkic people to promote and encourage continuing good relationship and understanding through its affiliate organizations regardless of their ethnic origin, religion and other preferences.

TAFS’s Mission is promoting the cultural, educational, academic, business, social and arts relations and to organize events and activities to bring together the American and Turkish, Turkic and Eurasian communities within the US. Turkic American Federation of Southeast, TAFS was established in 2011 as an umbrella organization that brings Turkic associations in the Southeast of the United States. As an umbrella organization, TAFS represents 9 member organizations in 5 states: Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama.

Turkic American Federation of Southeast, TAFS, brings people together by hosting public programs and private events featuring leaders and experts with diverse views on a wide range of global and regional topics through task forces, executive forums, luncheons, conferences, studies, and leadership dialogue.

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