Youth Leadership Awards

The TAA Youth Leadership Awards Program acknowledges the achievements of Turkic American students in high school or college by recognizing their social responsibility through their significant contributions to the community. The program also helps young and emerging leaders work towards making a positive impact on society. The award winners will be highlighted on the Turkic American Alliance (TAA) website, social media network, as well as in national and regional press outreach. The winners of such awards will also be honored at the Turkic American Convention and Business Summit in Washington D.C., where they will receive their $500 scholarship/grant.

Date: March 16, 2016
Location: Willard Intercontinental Hotel (1401 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004)
Dress Code: Formal.


1. Youth Leadership Award recognizes high school student’s commitment to community service, service-learning, and outstanding youth leadership.
2. Emerging Leader Award recognizes college students who have been committed to initiating or actively participating in high-level youth initiatives or projects in their school and community. The students recognized must have shown some dedication in their commitment to the Turkic American Community and beyond.
3. Public Service Award recognizes students who have been exemplary leaders and have inspired others through their service and commitment to the community through leadership or volunteerism. The students recognized must have shown dedication in their commitment to the Turkic American Community and beyond.

All nominations must be made online. Members of Turkic American community interested in nominating a student for these awards must submit the following form (see the last page of the document).

The nominees must meet all of the following requirements:
1. Of Turkic origin or descent
2. Currently in high school or college
3. Willing and committed to assisting TAA on significant service or leadership-related projects based on their field of study
4. Able to travel and participate in the entire program of the Turkic American 2016 Convention & Business Summit
5. Has previously participated in the public service activities for at least a year.
6. If selected, will mentor and assist with the selection of the next cohort of award recipients

Selection Process
A committee of leaders from academia, public service, and the community will review the nominations and make a final decision on who will receive each award. Each nominee shall be considered individually and confidentially and will be judged on the basis:
• Quality of impact
• Level of innovation/fresh approaches to problem-solving
• Quality of achievement
• Provided evidence

Supporting Documents
The award nominees will be required to submit the following documents:

1. Official Transcripts containing the seal of your university/college or high school or official signature. The cumulative GPA, weighted or unweighted must appear on the transcript.
2. Resume highlighting their public service work during their academic career.
3. 500-word personal statement. The statement should reflect on your service work during high school or college and the impact it has had on your future.
4. Brief Biography (One Paragraph only).
5. Letters of Recommendation (maximum of 3):
a. Faculty letter of recommendation from an advisor, dean, principal, faculty or instructor (someone who can speak on behalf of your academics)
b. Peer letter of recommendation from a friend, classmate, teammate, a member of a student/youth organization. The letter may not be from a mentor, coach, or supervisor unless that individual is within your same age group.
6. One photo. Photo must be professional in style and content and of high quality (no cell phone photos. The photo should be a head-shot and must be taken with a digital camera or scanner. All photos must be in a JPEG format.

All submissions and nominations for the awards are due on February 25, 2016, at 5 pm.


February 25, 2016 Deadline for submitting ALL nominations. Due at 5 pm.
February 27, 2016 Committee reviews nominations applications and nominations.
March 2, 2016 Awards will be announced on websites
March 16, 2016 Award Ceremony


The award winners will be announced on March 2, 2016, on the TAA website. TAA will cover transportation costs and other needed accommodations. The winners will receive $500 scholarship.

Award Nomination Form

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