Turkic Cultural Day Held at Maine State House


Augusta, ME, February 4th, 2015 –  The Turkish Cultural Center in Maine (TCC-Maine) celebrated  its 4th Annual Turkic Cultural Day at the Maine State House. Over 150 people attended the reception throughout the day. Among the distinguished guests were Governor of Maine, Paul LePage; Senator Roger Katz; Representatives Jeff McCabe and Richard Farnsworth.

The program began with a keynote speech by Governor LePage followed by remarks by Senator Katz and Eyup Sener, President of TCC-Maine, spoke on behalf of the Turkish Cultural Center. Senator Katz, who had been to Turkey previously, expressed his concerns regarding press freedom in the country, as  well as the recent corruption scandal and the turmoil in Turkey. During last year, dozens of Turkish journalists and members of the media were arrested when government authorities raided media outlets across Turkey.  The Hosts of the reception, House Majority Leader Rep. Jeff McCabe and Rep. Richard Farnsworth took the podium as well.

Thee special guest of the reception was Mr. Aydin Cayir, one of the most famous Turkish Calligraphy artists. Mr. Cayir demonstrated his talent and presented everyone in attendance with artworks of their names, written in calligraphy.

There was plenty of traditional Turkish food for everyone to enjoy. Lunch was followed by Turkish coffee.


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