Turkey in its Region and Beyond


Turkic American Alliance (TAA) had the honor of having Turkish Ambassador to the US, his Excellency Namik Tan, as a guest speaker on Monday, June 27th 2011. Ambassador Namik Tan talked on the topic Turkey in its Region and Beyond. Mr. Ambassador started to his speech by illuminating Turkey’s growing power in the world. As the title of his speech suggests, he emphasized on Turkey’s ability ininfluencing its regionand beyond. His speech mainly based on the recent developments in and out of Turkey’s region, Turkey’s capability of having soft power within the region, and Turkey’s recent role in the Middle East. He highlighted that Turkey is no longer a client state, as a passive recipient role, and that in contrast Turkey is very active and knows its interests, responsibilities and is aware of its capacity as an actor. Related to Middle East His Excellency Namik Tan noted that Turkey has a heavy responsibility on its shoulders. Regarding this responsibility, he emphasized that Turkey would not only be a bridge between the East and the West but a center for awareness of difference. Ambassador Namik Tan also clarified that there is no shift within Turkish foreign policy and added that today the global needs are different than before. Click for Gallery

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