Linking the Caspian to Europe: Repercussions of the Trans-Anatolian Pipeline


On November 1, the Rethink Institute organized a panel discussion on its recently published report “Linking the Caspian to Europe: Repercussions of the Trans-Anatolian Pipeline” by Prof. Michael J. G. Cain, Dr. Rovshan Ibrahimov, and Dr. Fevzi Bilgin. Mr. Michael Ratner from the CRS attended the event as a discussant. Also attending were distinguished guests from the Embassies of Azerbaijan and Turkey, as well as, members of the policy and academic communities.

This event focused on the intergovernmental agreement recently signed by the governments of Azerbaijan and Turkey that begins the next phase of the Trans-Anatolian natural pipeline project (TANAP). Prof. Michael Cain discussed the Great Powers influence on the process, as well as the response by local actors more active and willing than ever, to find direct ways to export gas to the Western markets.

Rovshan Ibrahimov joined the discussion via Skype from Azerbaijan. He provided a point of view from the Azerbaijani side of the project, as well as an important insight into the Nabucco versus TANAP ‘contest’. Dr. Bilgin discussed the Turkish perspective on TANAP and mentioned that there is a parallel pipeline project that involves a reactivation of an old agreement with Turkmenistan. Mr. Michael Ratner discussed the global and regional gas market trends.

Finally, Prof. Cain expressed his gratitude to the TAA President, Faruk Taban and the staff for their warm welcome and help during his summer fellowship at the Rethink Institute.

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