H.E. Muktar Djumaliev’s Talk at TAA’s Headquarters


Today, Ambassador Muktar Djumaliev of Kyrgyzstan gave an informative talk on the topic Central Asia and the Caucasus: 20 Years of Independence as a continuation of TAA’s wonderful Ambassador Talk Series. As Kyrgyzstan is one of the youngest democratic countries among the former Soviet Union Republics, His Excellencies Djumaliev’s talk was illustrative on how Kyrgyzstan has passed the difficult transition period within the past 20 years.President of TAA, Dr. Faruk Taban warmly welcomed

and thanked H.E. Djumaliev for his attendance to TAA’s Ambassador Talk Series under the topic mentioned above. By welcoming all guests Dr. Taban discussed about the Turkic American Alliance and its programs especially underlining the importance of the Ambassador Talk Series. Then, he introduced H.E. Muktar Djumaliev to audience and invited him to the podium.

Ambassador Muktar Djumaliev started his words by thanking the President of TAA for creating such an opportunity to talk about Kyrgyzstan. H.E. Djumaliev gave very informative and illustrative talk on Kyrgyzstan’s achievements in 20 years.

As H.E. Muktar Djumaliev mentioned, Kyrgyzstan declared independence on August 31st in 1991 and accepted first independent constitution on May 5th 1993 as well as creating their first currency on May 10, 1993. Economic reforms had been begun in Kyrgyzstan in 1996. Although, Kyrgyzstan has scarcity for some natural resources; the country strived to import those needs from neighboring countries as well as opening up to the world markets.

As we all know- Mr. Ambassador said-Kyrgyzstan experienced two turning points in its recent history. One of them was the revolution of 2005 and the second one was the revolution in 2010. Kyrgyzstan went through a hard time to become an exemplary democratic country in the region. Transition to a new market economy from planned economy takes time and many debates. Mr. Djumaliev said during the last 20 years we lost more than we benefited and destroyed more than we built. Fair courts that are established determine the future and best stability of the country.

As Ambassador Djumaliev mentioned democratic institutions in Kyrgyzstan have begun to be established while many of them have already been created even though there were hard times in the passing years. H.E. Djumaliev said Kyrgyzstan is actively becoming members of International Organizations in which those organizations evaluate your nation’s achievement at the end of the year according to how much you have done.

Ambassador Muktar Djumaliev then summarized his talk and said thanks for Dr. Faruk Taban due to TAA’s work which bringing Turkic American community together. Then there was a Q & A section. After all, President of TAA, Dr. Faruk Taban gave a small present for His Excellencies Muktar Djumaliev as a remembrance from the Turkic American Alliance.


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