12th Annual Faith Forum and Festival in Orange County


March 13, 2016, Orange County, CA. – Pacifica Institute collaborated with Interfaith Youth Council and New Vision Partners to organize the 12th Annual Faith Forum and Festival in Orange County. The purpose of the Interfaith Youth Forum was to bring together young people from diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, and to engage them in dialogue. This year, around 173 individuals attended the program. Over 120 of them were High School Students participating from over 12 different faith traditions.

The event was also a great opportunity for adults to learn more about the youth’s perspectives, their concerns and views on how to deal with differences. The forum involved high school-age kids, an adult youth leader around each table to discuss common questions to engage with religiously diverse groups, facilitated by youth leaders. Families of the participants also attended the event.

The forum was followed by an art showcase that included painting, illustration, sculpture, photography, visual and performing arts. The Festival had 10 multicultural performances including a “Call to prayer”. The program showcased the immense talent of these incredible teens through instrumental performances, song and dance.

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